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Kalani Espresso Collection SetDaVinci convertible cribs are the best in its class nationally and internationally. DaVinci baby cribs and baby furniture represent the highest quality nursery furniture at the most affordable prices. When my wife and I set out to find a baby crib for our first child, we wanted to make sure that it meets all safety standards, great quality materials, best deal for the price, and grows with our child. The Da Vinci convertible cribs provide us the best selection.

During our research, we noticed that there are many websites selling DaVinci furnitures but there isn’t any site offering us enough information about DaVinci convertible cribs. We had to look all over the web to gather what we needed to know before we decide to buy. Because of this, I have decided to put all the information I found during our research together in one place…why put all these efforts to waist when I can help out other parents, right? ;-)
Below, I’ve provided all the details you need to know about the DaVinci convertible cribs so that you can choose the right one for your child. If you are in a hurry and want to know where the best place to buy is, you will find that Amazon has the lowest prices by far. They also have the most selections of DaVinci cribs on the web and their army of parents who bought these products came back and provides valuable reviews. My wife and I benefited much from these reviews and I am sure you will too.

DaVinci Convertible Cribs Collections

At the start of our research, we were just looking at individual DaVinci convertible cribs. Then, we wanted to find other matching items to go along with the cribs we wanted. We were delighted to find that they have done all of the work for us by providing an entire collection for us to choose from. As of this writing, DaVinci proudly features 15 of its famous cribs. This list seems to be growing every year or so.
Each of DaVinci crib collections has a theme and several color choices. Depending on the collection, it may come with the following matching items and color choices.

Matching Items:
  • Crib (full size or mini)
  • Drawer
  • Changer
  • Changing Table
  • Drawer Dresser
  • Combo Dresser
  • Combo Dresser Hutch
  • Conversion kit
Color Choices:

You can buy each item individually but that tends to cost you a bit more overall. If you plan on having a full matching set, it’s best to buy full collection at once and save some money.

Top 3 DaVinci Convertible Crib Collections

During our research, we repeatedly found that among the 15 collections (and growing) of cribs from DaVinci, the DaVinci Kalani Convertible Crib, Emily Convertible Crib, and the DaVinci Parker Convertible Crib as the three most popular, best-selling convertible cribs by DaVinci. In fact, if you head over to Amazon now, you’ll see that the Kalani Convertible Crib has over 180 reviews with a 4.5 star ratings (out of a 5 stars rating), the Emily Convertible Crib has over 220 reviews with a 4.5 star ratings, and the Parker Convertible Crib has over 100 comments and a 4 star ratings, respectively.

Common Features of DaVinci Convertible Cribs

If you’re like us, the main reasons you’re reading these pages is because you wanted to have all the information about what you wanted to invest in before you make the investment. When we were doing our research, we did a lot of readings ourselves. As you continue to read on DaVinci Convertible Cribs, you will discover many valuable information specific to the model of crib you are interested in. Listed below are some of the key features of the DaVinci convertible cribs that make it the best in its class.

What Came In the Package

Depending on which convertible crib you choose to order, the content of your package may varies. However, one thing you will notice immediately is its packaging. When our crib was delivered, we were delighted to find the package at our door steps and the thing that impressed me (I’m an engineer and loves to see things done right) the most is how well-packed it is. Sure it was heavy (package weighs about 90lbs) but the packaging was layered with foam and many major pieces were individually wrapped in boxes. After I had assembled the crib, I was amazed at how big the crib is compared to the box it came in.
Rather than listing the individual pieces here, I just wanted to point out a few key things from the package that you should pay attention to when you open the package.
  1. Check to make sure all the pieces are in mint condition. Make sure nothing got damaged (e.g.: chipped, cracked, dint…) during shipment. If damages are found, contact your merchant and arrange for an exchange.
  2. To ensure you got all the parts, check the manual that came with your package. It has a section that lists every pieces and quantities. If a manual or installation instruction booklet is missing, or, you’ve lost it somehow, you can find all instruction manuals at DaVinci’s official website. I’ve also included instructions to the specific crib when I review them on this site.
  3. Most (if not all) packaging materials are recyclable. DaVinci is very big on eco-friendly and going green.

Safety’s First

At the top of our list for a crib is safety. We have heard a lot of rumors from other parents about cribs being recalled and warned us to steer away from those. We were delighted to find during our research that DaVinci cribs have never been recalled. All the reviews and comments from parents about the safety of a DaVinci cribs are all positive.

“We did a lot of research when looking for cribs and the DaVinci line is top of the line when it comes to safety. When everyone else is recalling, they never have. This crib is a great value for the safety and quality you get.” - bmcdan , Columbus, OH
“I am surprised by the level of quality and beauty this crib offers for such a reasonable price. No recalls and no moving parts make it perfect.” – gobethgo
“I found that DaVinci cribs in general have an amazing track record of safety and have been recommended by consumer ratings boards and medical professionals.” – mother-of-3
When we look up the company and wanted to learn about DaVinci and Da Vinci cribs official website, we were delight to find that their headquarter is in Los Angeles, CA, USA. We also found that all their cribs are manufactured in either China or Taiwan. DaVinci cribs not only pass the CPSC federal safety program and are JPMA certified, but they also surpass the meticulous Canadian and Japanese safety requirements as well.
A few of the safety features that parents love the most about DaVinci cribs are:
  • They are all lead-free
  • They are phthalate free
  • They are coated with non-toxic finishes. While the average children’s furnishings have paint rated at 300ppm, which is considered “low toxicity”, all DaVinci cribs have paint finishing tested at 2ppm.
  • They are built with “hidden hardware” feature that hide all hardware from babies.
  • They are also fitted with safety precautions like static rails.

Here is a video we found illustrating how DaVinci is the Industry Leader in Safety:

What Makes DaVinci Convertible Cribs the Best

One of the things that makes DaVinci crib the best is not about the many features that they have but that they put so much more care and attention into each of their features. They continually raise the bar, lead the way, and set new standards for this industry. With that, the list below illustrates a core list of features found in DaVinci convertible cribs for your reference. Bear in mind that not all DaVinci cribs have all these features. Check out the individual cribs to see its full list of features.

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Drop-Side Crib vs. Static-Side Crib

A Drop-Side Crib allows you to easily reach your baby through the use of a front moving side rail.

A Static-Side Crib is fixed and does not move up or down, ensuring safety for your baby.

Since June 2010, DaVinci stopped making cribs with drop-side due to safety concerns. All parents with a drop-side crib from DaVinci can contact them to get a free Safety Kit and install into their drop-side or static-side crib. Currently all their cribs are now static-side cribs. One of the features that offset the drop-side crib’s function is the “Multi-Level Metal Mattress Support”. This allows you to adjust the height of the mattress as your child grows so you do not need to reach too much at the beginning. As your child grows, you can lower it four times giving your baby a height of about 35”.

Materials Used

Based on our research, around 80% of DaVinci cribs are made of Pine wood from sustainable forests in New Zealand. DaVinci also uses Rubberwood from Malaysia and Sepetir wood from special forestation programs in Asia.

Also, if you care to know, DaVinci cribs used to be manufactured in the USA. However, in recent years, they have outsource it out to China and Taiwan. With cheaper labors, they can deliver more value for the same price and they still upheld their high production and safety standards.

Ease of Assembly

Amongst the many cool things about the DaVinci convertible cribs is how easy it is to assemble. Many dads, and some moms, reported to have assembled their cribs in an hour, by themselves. While, most say it took the both of them a leisurely time of an hour to assemble their crib.

TIP: If you lost your instruction manual, no problem, you can find all DaVinci cribs' instruction manuals at the DaVinci cribs official website.

Most Common Complaints

Of course, no manufactures and products are perfect. Below are some of the most common complaints about DaVinci convertible cribs. In this case, it was actually hard to find many negative reviews on these products.

  • Some reported having problems attaching mobiles to DaVinci cribs. However, most have no problems at all.
  • Some reported the wood used in DaVinci cribs are too soft and can dint and scratched easily. One thing we do highly recommend because we found it works well with our children is to use crib rail guards. This helps protect the baby’s teeth and the crib’s railing.
  • Some reported that the finishing does wear off or chips if babies chew on the railing. You can find the best deal on these rail guards at Amazon.

Price Ranges

Da Vinci convertible cribs being the best on the market were surprisingly very competitively priced. Perhaps they are able to sell at such high volume that their cribs and collection sets are extremely affordable.

If you look at just the crib, you can get a new one from Amazon for about $150. They sometime carry used cribs for even lower prices. If you look at buying a complete collection set, you can find deals on Amazon for about $500. We found that comparing value for the price, Da Vinci convertible cribs are unmatched. Sometimes we found a DaVinci crib at a slightly higher price than the competitors, but given its strength in feature sets and safety, we have more confidence in going with a DaVinci crib.

Best Deals

We strongly feel that if you are looking for the best value for your money than DaVinci convertible cribs are unsurpassed. DaVinci also has one of the best safety records in the industry and are consistently given top reviews by their customers. When you are ready, look to DaVinci for a big selection of convertible cribs, toddler beds, dressers and changing tables for all your baby's needs. We hope the information presented on this website helps you in that decision making.

As I’ve mentioned above, the best deals are at Amazon. We’re not sure how they can stock so many DaVinci Convertible Cribs at such low prices but I assume it’s because they are the world’s largest online company and sells these things at great volume. Here’s a link to Amazon again: DaVinci Convertible Cribs.

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